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Thread: Girlfriend against hunting, shooting and guns.

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    Girlfriend against hunting, shooting and guns.

    Hey guys, looking for some advice/opinions on my situation. Always had a small interest in deer stalking/clay pigeon shooting but after my dad getting back into it I want to get more involved too. The girlfriend ain't to happy about it though so I'm trying to talk her round to it all. I was hoping it was an ignorance kind of thing but trying to educate isn't going too well. Has any one had to deal with this before? What should I be saying? Any advice (and jokes) appreciated.

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    Yep , a real corker with a porn star body , she had to go when she wouldnt shape up . She wasnt a vegitarian though

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    What does she not like? Dont tell her about the stalking and pigeons, take her out clay shooting then ask what she hates about it..... good luck
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    Get a new girlfriend. Stalking and shooting is for life. Fast forward 5 or 10 years,you've gained loads of experience obsessed in fact. Got a couple or three nice rigs and she becomes pregnant, wants marriage. Time to stalk becomes nappy changing. Ammo money becomes nappies and milk. You get it in neck if you go out. Get the picture.

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    [QUOTE=Steyer 6.5
    Get a new girlfriend mate!! it's easier if they are into it rather than you trying to talk them into it! my wife is not mad keen on me hunting but she put's up with it thank god! as Steyer 6.5 says it just handier if there into it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southdowns_stalking View Post
    What does she not like? Dont tell her about the stalking and pigeons, take her out clay shooting then ask what she hates about it..... good luck
    Took her out already and she hated it. She hates guns because of the damage they can do. Tried explaining to her that a gun sitting in a cabinet isn't going to damage anyone, it's only when a idiot picks it up that there s an increased risk of damaging someone.

    The killing animals part is even worse, she says how can you enjoy it, how can it be a sport? Tried explaining the management part of it but she s having none of it.

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    It has to be said I'm afraid that your girlfriend has a bit of an intolerant attitude towards your interests. The easy option as others have suggested is to start again elsewhere but I expect that you would like to try something more positive first. Perhaps you could try talking to her about her own interests, if she has a passion for a hobby / cause of some kind. When she has enthused about this, that is the time to say that you feel the same way about shooting. Hope this helps.atb Tim

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    an aquaintance of mine has he gun cabinate at his mums if he goes hunting he leaves his house in normal civvy gear goes up his mums
    changes into hunting kit grabs his gun and off he goes he then repeats the process before going back to his loveshack all because his mrs
    dont like hunting or fishing they have split up a couple of times but he goes back for more......"the bearded clam" will draw you further than dynamite could blow you

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    what do you like most ? how long have you been with her ? just carry on the same , make the most of it , hope for the best but expect the worst . Or give her a dam good spin and say thats it love make ya mind up time put up with my weapons or find ya self another

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    Mrs the Red wasn't overly impressed when I came back to shooting a few years back, but she tolerated it because she understood it was a passion of mine. She sees the benefit of the food I provide as a result and while she still doesn't like shooting per se, accepts that there are wider issues at hand. She likes the fact I have a real interest and appreciates it's not about pulling the trigger. I don't push it, as this is antagonistic and I try to balance out me time with us time (easier said than done!). Overall we have a strong relationship that can deal with this sort of thing.

    Tim's right - find something that she is passionate about and try and share that interest - and don't make it conditional that because you like something she does, she suddenly has to like what you do. It's a process and it'll take time.

    As to the easy option, well, it may not be that easy - but the one piece of advice I would impart is this: Do not compromise your own life/interests to try and make her happy. There will be far larger compromises to be made down the line (some alluded to here already!) and resenting something at this early stage will not be healthy for you, her or the relationship. It is OK to agree to disagree on certain things - as Mrs the Red will readily testify!! If she can't respect you, or tries to change you (or you her), there is a reasonable amount of evidence to suggest the relationship will not last as she loves you for what she would like you to be, not who you really are.
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