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    So proud

    My lad got a nerff gun for his 4th birthday a couple of weeks ago. Last night he put a cushion on the floor to be used as a steady. He then went down the the end of the lounge at put a target up that I had printed of to be used at Bisley.

    He then got very angry that he couldn't see where his shots had gone so I put a dab of ink on the ends and he was happy as larry.

    Then when he had his fill he put the cushion back up and asked me to help him clean his gun.
    " so I can do it like yours daddy "

    When we had wiped it down, he then went and put it in a box in his cupboard.

    I think he will go far.
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    Sounds like the foundations of a good keen shot there! Very nice to hear!



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    Well the ink thing worked maybe twice. As in there was some light marking on the paper. But it was his whole approach to it that got me.

    I am thinking of getting a BB gun for some plinking in the back garden now, see how he gets on with it.

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