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Thread: Tikka M65

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    Tikka M65

    Who can tell me about the Tikka M65.

    Have one that might come up for a re-furb/build project in the next couple of years, so just looking for information on quality, worth using for re-furb/build, etc. etc.

    currently long action Swede in standard wooden stock and original barrel, approx. age 20yrs I 'guess'.

    thanks guys.

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    Great action for a refurb or donar action, one of the best. This subject has come up several times previously so it's probably worth doing a search on it.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I own one in 25-06. Bought it cheap from someone who didn't appreciate it.

    They are great guns! Hand built by Tikka when quality meant something and each worker took personal pride in their work.

    I regularly reach past my Sako, Steyrs and Remingtons for it. The only negative point is the plain wood but that can be easily remedied.

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    I own the M55 version and can't fault it. The wooden stock was looking the worse for wear so I replaced it with a McMillan, looks a million dollars (to my eyes anyway). Just wish someone would start manufacturing spare magazines for the M55/65 series, I'm paranoid about losing mine.

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    You won't be dissapointed !

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    kevinf has the 65 continental deluxe in .308, built on a long action. totally immaculate and unmolested, fantastic wood, medium weight barrel. prettiest rifle i have seen in a long time. he wont sell it to me, i've tried, but he just wont.

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