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Thread: Mouflon Hunting

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    Mouflon Hunting

    I've been doing a little searching on Mouflon hunting in Europe and not been very successful in finding animals at affordable prices. I accept that I am going to have to pay a fair fee for them, and comprimising with the fact that I won't be shooting trohpies but cull animals and ewes, but four figure prices are beyond my means. Does anyone have any contacts or info on places that I could find animals that are at prices that the locals would pay rather than geared for overseas trophy hunters?

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    Hi Henry
    I think Croatia would be one of the cheapest, I'm fortunate that I have an invite to hunt one in Germany this September and I'm told they are very expensive there, Poland would be cheaper than Germany not sure about the Czech republic.
    Good luck with your hunt


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    Unfortunately, all the wild sheep are expensive... demand is just too high as they are highly 'collectable' by trophy hunters.

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    My mother has some horrible, wild..Sorry I mean highly prized Jacob sheep.
    I could let you shoot those for free.
    In fact I would pay you.....

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