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Thread: So when is a captive deer no longer captive?

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    So when is a captive deer no longer captive?

    Something came up today.

    Wonder if anyone can help.

    When does a captive deer become none captive or i guess turn wild?

    i.e. if a captive group of sika got out during close season in a area where there are no sika, is it now a wild sika or could it be shot out of normal deer season for the purpose of not releasing captive animals etc. or do they become "wild animals" the minute there outside the fence area.?

    sorry if this is a poor explanation.

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    If they still have ear tags in then they belong to someone! once any identifying marks are removed or fallout then my take would be that they are fair game!

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    Is it not to do with being medicated?

    I think non medicated animals are deemed as wild, as soon as they get so much as minerals or anti-biotics they become captive?

    If this is the case then this animal would still be captive, despite the fact its now outside the fence?
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    my limited understanding is they are captive deer but can be shot as a non-native species out of season. + it's in everyone's best interest to shoot them for various reasons. if they're out and about, surely no one can lay claim to them!

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    I've no idea of the legal implications but...

    If there are hinds and stags then almost all of the hinds will be carrying a calf. If they aren't very tame it is unlikely you will get to shoot all of them before they start dropping calves and I would suggest that there might be a welfare issue with shooting sika hinds that could have a calf hidden in the undergrowth. If they are wary of humans at all then my money says you will never shoot all of them no matter how hard you try.

    So, my money says that no matter what the legal situation is you've now got yourself an area with sika.
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    There is no clear cut answer I am afraid. The law as far as I know allows the owner of escaped deer to claim ownership of those deer while he is still making an effort to recover them. This holds true whether those animals are tagged or not. Therefore I presume they 'turn wild' when efforts to recover them cease. Ear tags in themselves does not denote ownership. The fact that they were once captive does not in itself mean that they can be shot out of season.

    Escaped red deer in a red deer area would likely fall within the existing legal framework of closed seasons. Escaped non native deer are different. There is a section on this under 'Ecology and Behaviour' in the Scottish Best Practice Manual, which you can view online. In the case of sika outside the sika range in Scotland I would say you might get an out of season licence from SNH, 'best practice' is to inform them within 24 hours of escape. I'm not sure about Surrey!


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    when it comes out of the oven

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    Not quite sure , but i would say they would be classed as escapees but their young born outside a park/farm would be classed as wild , the same with pheasants . With sika , if its an island population i,e living on one estate just around the park they have escaped from , the owner of the park could be in trouble for letting them escape maybe

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