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Thread: accomidation required devon

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    accomidation required devon

    I am spending a lot of time stalking in Devon around the Honiton area does anybody have any suggestions on cheap accomidation that will understand a stalkers strange hours. As I drive down from the New Forrest I need somewhere I can stay and maybe get a few hours sleep in the afternoon, would be happy with self catering a caravan may be good idea. suspect i would be using two nights at least once a month
    any help welcome

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    i know a place in covelly in north devon that does a back packers kind of thing called the new inn .... its alright nothing fancy at the end of the day all you need is grub and a bed !!

    went loading there for 2 days

    ........ 25 quid a night b&b .... 01237-431636

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    that sounds the kind of thing cheers

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    Unfortunately, it is three days camel ride from Honiton!

    Rgds Ian

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    I have just had half a day doing the 'Landrover Experience' near Honiton and the location I visited also does Clay Shooting as well as Off Road driving.
    It also has acommodation for guests, I've no idea what price but being a Farming Location it may suit your activity. Give them a bell.
    Land Rover Experience West Country
    Wessington Farm
    EX14 3NU
    Tel: 0870 2644471
    Fax: 0870 2644472

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    thanks sounds good. I will check them out

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