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Thread: Sika spotted near Hawick/A68

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    Sika spotted near Hawick/A68

    believe it or not, Sika stag spotted near Hawick towards A68 side.

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    I believe you, probably on its way to West Lothian
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    No doubt it will be shot and halt the migration yet again

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    where about

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    Quote Originally Posted by amanda16 View Post
    where about

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    Think it has passed me by. Was seen near Bonchester ( if same one ! ) above a week ago.
    Would you shoot him if he was on your ground ?
    Be nice to know where he ends up.
    Will we ever know !


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    So How far has he come? where is the nearest known population?

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    Shoot him and you screw up the migration on the east side of the borders like Nell says! Leave him and he may at the right time of the year go and bring some hinds back to his ground. Stags are key for Sika migration, they are the prospectors. Plenty off room for them in the borders.
    Also any landowner that know they have sika on there ground they will stick another 2k on your rent for next year! Be warned.

    PKL you may have already put the crosshairs on him mate.

    Every tom dick and harry now looking for a sika stag out-with tweed valley.
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    I believe it was near Stonedge Forest, but yes, let's hope he's left alone. Von, crosshairs I might put on him, but pull the trigger I wouldn' least until he's had a chance to spread his seeds so to speak. I know a lot of farmers might not like a sika population, but it 'would' be good fun!

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    i know the stalker that lives in stonedge, ill see if he seen anything.
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