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Thread: parker hale trigger

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    parker hale trigger

    I have been sent a Parker Hale Adjustable trigger by a kind chap but having looked it over I am wondering if there is something wrong with it.
    (yes I know the safety is missing. I am working on that!)

    The sear doesnt engage the trgger until depressed very low in the housing. (you can see right through the housing at the gap between the two)
    When fitted it doesnt obscure the rear firing pin assembly and the sear seems to be very low when in situ.

    is this the correct sear (or has the correct sear been filed down!?)
    Is this the correct trigger?

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    I've just had a look at my two and they both look like this
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PHtrigger002.jpg 
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ID:	15391Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PHtrigger001.jpg 
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    Although I do seem to remember there was different cocking pieces on some of the bolts so maybe thats the difference, does the sear look like any has been taken off it?
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    the sear on mine has had the top 2mm ground off it then compared to yours,
    definitely sits higher on yours and mine is flat rather than "domed"

    looks like someone has tried to polish it.

    well that is that then.
    back to the drawing board.

    thanks for the pics

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    Presumably you can just get it built up and then file it down to the correct shape again?

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    I could but for the hassle of a) welding it myself b) fitting refitting filing and trialling the profile and c) still having to fix the safety

    I can get a new one for 25. think that may be a simpler option and consign this to the box of "project" pieces!

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    I've had a look at some more ph stuff i have about and it appears thta there were different sear shapes depending on the shape of the cocking piece on the bolt, some had a flat cocking piece some had a cocking piece with the middle relieved, if you like pm me with what your cocking piece is like or for a contact number, I may have something that might work

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    Oo that would be great.
    Will get a photo and PM you, thanks very much

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    will have to get a better one but you can just about make it out

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    You could save yourself a hassle and get a Timney trigger they are a lot better than the PH I have three of them
    on various Mauser 98 actions they can be adjusted to about a pound once they are run in, it takes awhile to run in
    I set mine at 2.5 pounds when new and let them slick up through use,

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    what do you mean "run in"?
    getting the sear and cocking lug mated/polished to each other?

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