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Thread: 56 mm sunshade

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    56 mm sunshade

    hi lads ive just got a 8 x 56 mm schmidt and bender scope ive seen a sunshade on ebay for a sightmark 56 mm scope will it fit my schmidt with the objective being the same? or would i have to get one specially for a schmidt? as its a lot cheaper!

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    It might,but,I have a 56mm Nightforce sunshade but it doesn't fit my Zeiss 56mm so if you can then try before you buy.


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    re'M'ington, should you opt for selling the Nightforce 56mm sunshade let me know mate.

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    hi, if it helps i bought a few off ebay that were supposed to fit but no joy, ended up getting one direct from S&B in germany through there customer services. although i did get one of these as a cheap alternative
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