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Thread: .243 Damage on first deer

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    .243 Damage on first deer

    I shot my first Roe over the weekend with a mates .243. About 70yds and almost a broadside shot. It didn't run on and dropped within about 15secs of me hitting it. When we gralloched it the bullet had entered about 2" over and to the right of the heart as I was making sure I'd miss it's left leg. The bullet missed the heart, smashed the lungs to pieces, then "ricocheted" along the ribs on the other side, popping out the other side after it'd run out of ribs and gone through the diaphragm taking a kidney and bursting the liver on it's merry way.......I'm shocked as I thought it'd punch straight through in almost a straight line, but pleased that I dropped my first deer even though I couldn't breathe and felt like I was having a heart attack

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    .243" first deer damage

    Well done Mick I hope its the first of many you cull.

    As to the damage done to the deer carcase well it was going nowhere - far better than running off wounded into thick undergrowth. I suppose if you were selling the beast to a game dealer it might result in a reduction in price due to damaged meat but it sounds as if the bullet ricocheted down through the body.

    Maybe the bullet type/weight you were using had an influence on the path the bullet took in the carcass - I am sure some of the ballistic experts will be able to explain. I use 100 grain Sako twinhead nosler bullets in my 0.243" and have had no problems to date.


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    Cheers mate. I'm not sure about the weight of the bullet, I know it's a soft point lighter than a 100grainer. It was either use the .243 or my .223 with 55grn Sako softpoints. I'm looking forward to comparing the damage the 2 calibers cause next time I get invited up.

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    Well done. It's a buzz.

    I have shot a deer and had a 243 round go through a rib, straight on, and out through another rib.

    I'd have a good check of the rest of the carcass, what you describe can also be caused by a bullet fragmenting and bits flying off in all directions.

    It wasn't a chunck of bone from the rib on the entry rattling around in there was it?

    Who knows what goes on with projectiles travelling quicker than humans can percive or comprehend!

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    i love my 243 i use it on sika and fallow the lighter bullets 70-80 grs can deflect badly on bone the 90-100 gr are a better bullet for chesting deer .
    the more you see the more you will know ,any thing can happen in the field .well done on your first deer i remember mine but have no pics any ways bring a camera.

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    Congrats Mick the brick
    First of many I hope , I use 100gr federal till I have used up all factory loads , I found a lighter load of 80 gr more damaging Than 100 gr , Perhaps on this occasion it was just the angle of shot, don't be put off , I had a Roe with a large exit, similar to yours , down is down!! . we all learn .
    Regards Trapper

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    I imagine all you need is to get through that first set of skin and ribs and you've killed it. Pleased it didn't run on though. A fella told me that he and his 2 mates each shot a roe on the same day with .243's and they all ran on over 50yds. I cant wait to get out again and see what happens with the next one...time to put my variation in I think

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    Congrats! Not familiar with /roe, but 100 grainers seem to work well for whitetail if you're looking for through-and-through. Down is down though - good on ya!

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    Nice one Mick.
    Did you take any photo's of your first deer.
    As people have said better it was down.


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