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Thread: Neck up or Neck Down

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    Neck up or Neck Down

    Working on some .260 rounds and finding that I am running low on the cases so thinking of using one of the more common cases to reuse.
    Is it easier to neck up or neck down or does it not matter, are they both as easy. Never done this sort of thing, normaly reuse the correct case so abit in the air about this. Any help would be great

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    Necking up 243 cases is easier and less involved, when necking down, wall thickness can increase and neck turning may need to be carried out to produce adequate neck/chamber clearence especially if you have a custom or minimum spec chamber.


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    Are you wanting to try make 260 cases from a different parent case just because you fancy having a go? If not i would just buy some Lapua 260 Brass and do neither.


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    Was just thinking of trying it got shed loads of 243 and 308 brass so thought it may pay to try it. thanks for the comments


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    I feed my 260 on necked up 243 Lapua, runs perfectly. Just give the inside of the case neck a good lube and run through your 260 resizing die.

    Necking down 308 may give thick necks which require turning down to fit in a snug chamber.

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    Luckily I have not found this to be a problem. Before I got hold of some proper 9.3x57 Norma brass I was necking up 8x57 brass. for the .256 Mannlicher (6.5x53R) I use R.P 303 cases necked down in several steps then trimmed to rough length before fire forming using Zero powder and tissue wads. Well that's the way I used to do it.

    After fire forming the cases are trimmed to proper length. Time consuming but worth it not had any problems doing this. Never needed to ream or turn either cases.

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