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Thread: swaro or S+B

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    swaro or S+B

    ok chaps i have never used a fixed mag scope before thinking on a S+B 8x56 or swaro habicht 8x56 german 4 ret if can find one any opinions which is the better or equal for low light and lamping also what is the meaning of the word habicht i have a zeiss and a niteforce so fancy going somthing a bit
    different it will have to be second hand funds wont stretch to new its to go on the 243 or the swede what say you

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    ive had both . equal in my opinion but the sb is cheaper .

    atb steve

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    Compaire the reticules, side by side if you can, you might find the Swarovski is slightly thicker.

    Might not be a problem initially, but if you end up doing a bit of foxing in the future, it may just be a bit thick.

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    d foxxer,

    I use two Swarovski 8x50 PF Habichts on both my .243 and .270 for stalking and foxing, never had any problems with them and they are excellent under the lamp, very happy with the performance of both.
    I decided to keep both rifles to the same spec and kept it simple without vari-mags etc
    I also use an older 2nd hand fixed mag Swarovski Habicht 6x42 on my .22lr due to using the above scopes on my other rifles and again, cant fault it.
    Try Macleods of Tain for second hand stock, Im sure they have an 8x56 in stock
    Edited to add it's the 4A reticle I use

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    I used to use a swarovski 8x56 4a ret on my .22-250 for foxing and it was a very good scope!
    Did find the reticle was a little bit thick for long range zeroing, now i use a S&B and its very bright too, reticle is slightly thinner but great under the lamp!

    (I am a S&B nut: 3-12x50 L3/8x56/6x42 )
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    I have the S&B 8X56 and did a direct comparison with the 8X56 Swaro with some mates one evening as the light faded. My S&B is of indeterminate age but is certainly pretty old and has seen significant use whereas the Swaro was brand new, it is possible that a newer S&B might have different coatings etc.

    We were all in agreement that the image in the Swaro looked slightly "nicer" and we finally decided that this might be down to a slightly wider field of view. However, as the light faded we all agreed that in truth you could resolve the same detail in each of them and so neither was better for low light work. The difference in the Swaro having a slightly "nicer" feel to the image certainly wasn't enough to make me think about changing the S&B and it could just have been that the glass in my S&B needed a good clean :-)

    If I was buying again then, especially if buying 2nd hand, I'd still go with the S&B and spend the money saved on some stalking.

    If you have infinite funds and want the best then don't buy anything until you've looked at a Nickel scope - I think they are ahead in terms of quality over either Swaro or S&B but it is rare to see a 2nd hand one. However, with the Euro weakening at the minute now might be the time to buy one new though the bog standard 8X56 still converts to nearly 1200 whereas about 520 would buy you a new Hungarian S&B.

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    Hi Dave

    Just had a look and the sportsman are talking 904 for a new one or 750 ish for a 8x50 swaro


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    many thanks to all who commented i think i may have sourced a hungarian close to home will know for deffo by monday
    atb foxxer

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