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Thread: Hello to all

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    Hello to all

    Hi Every one.

    The name is Bob and i am based near Andover in Hampshire,I'm a ex service man and i served my time in scotland's oldest cavalry regiment.

    I now work as a survey engineer for a major power management company and love it,

    I have been involved with shooting since the age of 8 when i fired a CZ 22Lr in the yard of my father oldest brothers farm in Scotland, as i mentioned i have served in HM forces and reached my final goal of becoming a Gunnery instructor on chieftain/challenger scorpion scimitar AFV's.

    I also have a love for Ham radio, but have in the past 5 years i have put that to one side to pursue my love of shooting. i have been doing pest control on 5 golf courses for over 17 years and now i have moved up to the world of deer stalking thanks to 3 great friends and a few others along the way.

    i currently run a 22lr a 17hmr and my steyr PM MKII in .243, and for those pesky flapping things i have a tank called baikal its a 12 bore and will most likely out last me.

    thank you.


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    Welcome to the site Bob, sounds like you have a great job with that tank , and it sounds like someone else has caught the stalking bug.


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    thank you

    well the old Baikal will do me fine for the amount of shooting ill do with it, as for the deer stalking i love it, i hope to be totally proficient with the dressing of the animal, as for the stalking of the animal its just fantastic.

    all the best,


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    Hi Bob,

    sorry missed your inroduction when you posted it over a month now,

    wecome and see you soon


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    Hi Bob,

    sorry missed your inroduction when you posted it over a month now,

    wecome and see you soon


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    bob welcome to the site

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookingfat
    Hi Bob,

    sorry missed your introduction when you posted it over a month now,

    welcome and see you soon

    Hi Anthony.

    A big thank you mate to you and kev. i have learnt so much over the last few months that i look forward to having the mentor bit removed when i renew this year, it has been great to work with you and to have been out on the first day of this year stalking was the best thing i have ever done on a new years day.

    look forward to many more trips to keep me learning as much as i can,

    see you soon.

    PS: thank you to all for the very warm reception,


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    You sound like a BBS member? Any way a lot more experienced and knowledgable people on here and a fellow forces chap!!


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    hi woody

    i have a few mates on the bbs and it is a good site,

    but i had to come here to help me get on with the deer stalking,

    i do find the chat and info on here faultless, and i do read a lot of it off line,

    as for being a ex army chap, you got that right a ex scots DG and proud of it,


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    I know this person from the BBS, nice to see you here Bob.....

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