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Thread: Looking for a working border terrier bitch puppy

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    Looking for a working border terrier bitch puppy

    Looking for a working border terrier bitch puppy to work foxs when its old enough.
    Is there any one who could point me in the right direction
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    Try the huntinglife forum, might be better with a black dog if your into digging though.

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    hmmm save yourself the money and get a fell or a pat had borders for quiet a few years and just not the best bit hit or miss and too much show breeding gone into them and spoilt the breed, can end up with 4-5 before you get a half decant one.
    best of luck

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    I do more terrier work than most and i use patterdales , but thats my choice . I like borders , their coat is ideal , conformation is spot on (maybe some are short on muzzle these days) , attitude is faultless but good working lines are hard to find today . Theres alot of rubbish talked about patterdales that start at 6 months old (how long do they last) lakelands that kill everything and can bite through a steel bar (really) . Only quarter of pups bred from true working strains make the grade and less than half of those become working "greats" . If borders are what you like google countrywise books , Johnie Blucks site , good luck to you and good luck to the working border .

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    Ive kept a kennel of working Borders for too many years to remember ..Used them in hunt service twenty odd years ..Getting the right bloodlines is the best way forward

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    There are quite a few Patterdale and Jack Russell pups for sale here in mid-Wales, all from working stock and knowing there lines they will be cracking working dogs. Most around here use Patterdale or JR as they fit the bill perfectly.
    If you are interested I can sort out contact details for you, just pm me.
    Work them hard, treat them like heros.

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    i don't know whether he is still on the go but there used to be a levi oakes around rochdale kept good borders hard but sensible below ground
    a barony original

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    I've had a couple of borders as stated already they were very hit and miss ok for brushing but not great to ground , fells and Russell's have rarely let me down
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    Sorry Pal but you wont get a working Border puppy
    If you are just looking at a bushing dog get yourself a Jack Russel
    If your looking at going to ground and doing a bit of digging Patterdale or Lakeland or Patterdale x

    If you are new to terrier work go and get some experience with a working dog or digger,otherwise you could or will loose your dog to something bigger and black and white

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    no wonder folk stop asking for information on this site the lad asked about a border not a black fell lakeland or russell lol
    there are plenty of workers out there just these days most lads keep their gobs shut too many getting nicked as previously mentioned the hunting life forum might be a better place to ask
    a barony original

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