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Thread: On my way to my 2nd foray after deer!

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    On my way to my 2nd foray after deer!

    I'm now on the train to Milton Keynes to meet a fellow SD member who has very kindly offered me a chance to stalk my first deer, in this case a muntjac. My embarrassingly pristine Harkila roe sack is in the luggage rack above me, next to loads of shopping bags from the Westfield shopping centre (not mine). Hopefully it will be heavier on the way home later on.

    Yes, it's yet another unlikely fieldsports by public transport adventure for the Pine Marten!

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    good luck hope you do well .
    you might get some funny looks on the way home with your bloodied harkila. travellind back from new zealand i was asked if i had a skull in my pack ? the reply was no i have three and a set of antlers she looked really shocked and ushered me away, atb wayne
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    I'm sitting in a train at Watford Junction with a still pristine roe sack. The muntjac were nowhere to be seen for most of the evening, but then we spotted some in a wheat field when we came down from the high seat. The infuriating little things seem to be able to always be head-on or show you their backsides without ever going through the intermediate state. Eventually, I had a shot at a doe 180m away, but shot over her back, damn it.

    A proper write-up with photos and due credit to the gentleman who took me out will follow. However I can report that it's totally possible to do this on public transport!

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    Keep trying PM, eventually one of them will broadside in front of you all unconcerned.
    You're not the only one who travels on public transport to and from stalking
    It's possibe, and perfectly legal, so long as you keep it discreet there's no probs.
    Best of luck
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