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    any sign yet

    hello to all
    i am wondering if there is any sign /availabilty on the 17hornett calibre or ammo for same. was looking at re barrelling a 22 hornett

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    I was in the city a while back and one of their customers was selling a Cooper 17Hornady Hornet due to the fact that 20% of the factory rounds he fired split the necks thru the shoulders. One fellow I spoke to says that he needs to anneal new brass to keep from splitting necks. I'm not certain I'd run to that round until they get the bugs out of it.~Muir

    (Not sure I'd rebarrel a good 22 hornet to begin with but thats me...)

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    a mate of mine on here shoots a 17hornetACK IMP , what a thing , so all the components are out there why not load your own

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