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Thread: early morning roe buck

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    early morning roe buck

    Went for an outing with a guy near ragley hall this morning. stalking round a field margin we were seeing some healthy looking does but no bucks, then after around a hour and a half we spotted a buck two fields away on the dogleg of an adjacent hedge, as we made our way steadily up the hedge he started to creep off round the corner where we were expecting to find him munching away, as we approached i poked my head round the corner, nothing, bugger! he must have slipped away! we decided to makle our way over to the other side of the field to scan the willow plantation, a very productive area, as we were making away over my pal was telling me of a buck that lived at the opposite side of a rape field that appeared to have one antler that he hadn't seen for a while, anyhow we reached the edge of the willow and started to glass it when i heard quick get on your sticks there's two running from the left and i turned to see thw two bucks teaering through the hedge, one of which was the buck with one antler chasing a nice young buck about, they played kiss chase around another hedge three of four time before they came to a stop around 120yds in front of us, just as i was squaring him up off they went, fu<k i thought, they off they did another lap of the hedge then stoppped again. BOOM, thwack down he went the 95gr put paid to him. we waited for the young buck that was being chased to bugger off which he didn't want to do, we took our veils off shouted whistled but he just stood there looking at us, i could have shot him ten times but he eventually went. when we got to the shot buck we could see his 'missing' antler was actually malformed, looks as though it may have been damaged fighting whilst in velvet? opinions appreciated...
    anyway i was chuffed with the result of my mornings stalking and made the 3am start worthwhile, although i am doing nodding dog whilst writing this!
    regards, Jez

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    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Nice one Jez my Austrian mate on here would like that one


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    Another buck down. Hope to be seeing some of that ground myself soon. Thanks for the tip and hope to catch up soon.

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    Great write up Jez,nice buck too

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    Great malform, could have been fighting (but they usually start this later and it looks like early damage) or caught up in/banged something (car/fence) The fact that the other one was normal would rule out frost damage (rare in England anyway) but infection a possibilty also. IMHO.

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    Great trophy, it's not until 10-15 years down the line that you realise how special this one is as you may shoot nice bucks and big bucks but not one as unusual, they don't come along that often.

    Looks like he's been damaged early on in velvet, congrats on very nice trophy, it's what makes roe special!!!


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