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Thread: sako a2 forester

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    sako a2 forester

    hi . i have spent the last hour reading some fantastic threads on beding and free floating and improved recoil lugs., i think this is the road i need to take with my sako a2 i love the rifle but have no confidence with it out when stalking . i am so close to just getting rid of it but after reading that people have had the same problem then maybe there is hope . what i need to know is can where should i get it done and does anyone have any idea of the cost .cheers

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    Why do you have no confidence in the rifle? what sort of groups are you getting including size and whether there are any patterns to the groups, stringing, thrown shots, can you give us any more information about your setup and the ammunition you are using.

    The A2 is usually quite a good performer so long as the barrel is ok and the crown has not been damaged

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    Might just need a really good clean
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    I have an a11 shoots half inch all day just give it a real good clean when i had it i now prefer this rifle to all the modern rifles i got atb paul.

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    Sadly there are too many folks who read bit on the web and then rush in to "improve" their rifle only to find what they have done has in fact ruined it unless often some quite drastic repairs are carried out.

    So they then sell the rifle but never tell what they have done and some unsuspecting sole comes along and buys it then they start to find the problems. I brought a cheap rifle knowing that it needed work, it was brought with a particular project in mind, the previous owner as wrecked the stocks barrel channel and bedding area so well that a replacement stock is about the only option left.

    Whilst against un-needful licensing when one sees such things one has to wonder if DIY tools should be licenced .

    If I were you I would firstly give the rifle a deep cleaning. Make sure you get all the fouling out of the barrel. Take the stock off and check for others handiwork under it and check the bedding is good then check the mounts and scope. If all is well then re-assemble and test again.

    After such work I would shoot at least a box of twenty onto a target plotting the fall of shot and then look at the whole group. Shoot slowly so you don't over heat the barrel this is not something to rush. Take your time.

    This should tell you if the first shots did not strike in the main group after cleaning and by plotting the fall of shot on the target you should see when it comes back. Some rifles do not need some fouling to shoot right from a cold clean barrel others it seems do.

    Oh yes and concentrate on the follow through after the shot. Far too many people rush and drop the rifle or lift the head to see the result of the shot. Concentrate and see if your pulling off target as you shoot...have you developed a flinch?

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    great advice from the above members. if you still have no confidence in it and it's a .222, I'll have it off you for 50 to rid you of your problem

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    If its a sako A2 its a medium action in the .22/250 to .308 win calibre range and not a .222.

    Floating and bedding can cure many ills but not all.
    If you have tried a few different brands of factory ammo and cannot get it to consistently group get someone (gunsmith?) who knows what they are doing to have a look at it. Before doing this, give it a good clean, check all your mounts are tight, maybe even swap scopes over if you have a spare and shoot those groups. Get a mate to shoot a few also to take the shooter factor out of it. Most sakos can be made to shoot well with a little love and some good ammo.

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    Have a word with mike norris of brock&norris i am sure he could help.

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