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Thread: how long does it take to get a rifle proofed!!!

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    how long does it take to get a rifle proofed!!!

    Just a moan really.

    Sent my rifle to get a moderator fitted and proofed.

    The Wildcat guys processed it in good time, but the proof house has had it for 2 weeks now.

    In all its expected to take 3 weeks - am I in the wrong in thinking it should take 10 days?

    Oh well, moan over with.


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    No, you can take it to the proof house and for a small premium will do it while you wait.

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    When I had the problem with a crack in my action the proof I was informed could take a couple of days depending on work load.
    As it was they did it there and then when the UK importer took it up personally,only took a morning. Now this was a bit of PR on their point I think due to the posibility of them being the cause problem.

    But anyone can submit a weapon for proof, so if you where near one of the proof houses you could have taken it yourself.
    If you own the rifle IIRC you do not have to have it reproofed after being screw cut for a moderator some people that screw cut insist you do.
    The offence is committed when you try to sell/trade/exchange or give away the rifle, then you have committed the offence of selling etc a rifle that is out of proof. It is not an offence to own a rifle out of proof.

    But I personally think it is wise to have it in proof you know you are in the clear then.
    This explains better

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    dameo my rifle was sent away last week i is at the gunsmiths
    waiting to be picked up going down 2 moro
    should only take about a week at most
    pete .

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    my cz 6.5 took about 6 weeks had to be done before i sold it ........ cost me about 30 quid inc vat ........ i startedd to think they were going to charge me rent !

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    My 270 has been gone 3 weeks last Tuesday, Thats not all at the proof house, It needed threading etc, I was warned they can take a while if the proof house has just had an import order delivered. The gun smith said the average time was 3 weeks but allow 4 Tom

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    Hi guys

    Thanks for the replies - at least its not just me!

    I'll have to keep patient until next week.


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    just had one done sent it on Mon it was back Fri.

    For 6 you can either book an appiontment and take it yourself or jump the queue and have it done the day it arrives there.

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    hi Daemo,i took my .243 to Andy Banner (wild cat customs uk)to be screw cut & proofed for one of his mods around 2 weeks ago,picked it up 4 days after. brill service

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    I'll add a fly to the ointment. The Proof House, in Birmingham, will usually either do the thing the same day or the next day. They really have little other work nowadays.

    However they do make a minimum charge regardless of if one gun or two guns or three guns are submitted for Proof.

    What some shops do therefore is try to get maybe half a dozen guns together before they go to Proof in one batch to minimise this.

    So. My thoughts? That it maybe isn't fair to blame the Proof House but simply ask the shop when it actually was sent to Birmingham.

    It would be totally without foundation to say that a particular gun is being held back to make up a batch to minimise on that minimum fee.

    I can't say anything regarding London as I have not used them for ten years.

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