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Thread: schmidt and bender pm 11 10 x 42 fixed used value?

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    schmidt and bender pm 11 10 x 42 fixed used value?

    hi lads im saving up for a schmidt pm 11 10 x 42 i was wondering what they went for second hand and also if anyone used one what they thought of it?


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    Hi, I have a Accuracy International 10x42 Schmidt and it is first class, the AI is different stlye to normal schmidts (turrets are mounted directly to scope tube) but the 10 x 42 does all i need it to do on the rifle it is on. Low light transmission is good, field of view good, build quality great, it might cost a few quid but you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

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    thanks for the reply mate any idea where i could pick one up? im looking for one with the mildot recticule

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    A friend of mine has one, cracking peice of kit and his is the old classic fixed 10x not the latest PM11

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    yeah id like one thats mildot as ill be using it for target shooting and varminting so it kind of has to be mildot recticule i have a 6x 42 and 8 x 56 and very impressed with them

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    thanks for the tip off but it seems that the scope is a a7 recticule not a mildot but ill keep my eye on thier site

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    Worth getting in touch, they get a lot of trade ins and second hand stuff that might not be listed on their website.

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    sounds good ill give them a bell in the morning thanks again

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