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Thread: Well I Never Part 2

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    Well I Never Part 2

    After discovering 2 muntys and a roe on a permission of mine earlyer in the year i decided to go for a walk this morning.

    It was a beautiful morning so me the dog and the shotgun went for a walk, i had to check some larsen traps and other bits so walking the hedgerows we finally came to a corner and i could her the pigeons in the trees, i stopped where i was and the dog kept going pushing the birds out the trees but none came my way.
    Suddenly for no real reason i felt the need to turn round and in a barley field just 50feet from me up a tram line i could see a head poking up looking straight at me. I was convinced it was a munty but couldn't be too sure as it was only a fleeting glance and i didn't know if it was me willing myself to find a deer.
    After giving it five minutes i wondered up there and to my delight there were fresh tracks!!!
    Brilliant i've actually found one when i was looking for one or it found me more like.

    Then an hour or so later managed to stalk around 50feet into the biggest fox i've ever seen although didn't fancy having a go at it with the shotgun couldn't get any closer as the bloody dog spotted it and ran after it.

    Hope to find a few more soon.

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    Things are looking up!!
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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