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Thread: Moderator selling legality

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    Moderator selling legality

    In the infinite wisdom of the licensing department my moderator is listed on my licence as a 6.5x55 moderator even though I no longer have that calibre and kept it back when I sold my rifle and put it on a .270.

    It is bored out for anything below .30 cal.

    But my question is can I sell it to anyone with authority for a moderator or does it specifically have to be a 6.5 x 55 authority?


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    Put that question to your licensing people as they are the ones that you will ultimately be dealing with.
    Tell them the same story you have put on here.


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    My entitlement just says "full-bore moderator"!

    Dunno how your licencing section can STATE with 100% fact that your moderator is not just a 6.5mm one, but one specific to the 6.5x55 cartridge...
    Seems to tie in the with too common misinterpretation of the Firearms Act & Form 101 asking for CALIBER & some folk developing a mindset based around CHAMBERING

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    My take on this is that the FAC is not required to possess the moderator until the moderator becomes 'an accessory to' a S1 rifle, which in my opinion means the moderator is attached to the rifle.

    The wording on my FAC lists the moderators by the chambering of the rifle with which they are authorised to be used. I possess two .30cal Northstars, but my FAC lists 'one .308 moderator' and 'one .270 moderator'.

    Under the conditions, the meaning becomes clear: 'the .270 rifle and moderator shall be used for blah blah blah' and 'the .308 rifle and moderator shall be used for and so on'.

    I would therefore suggest that it would be appropriate for you to look to your FAC as a whole to see whether you have authority to use any moderator as an accessory to your .270, whether this is by implication (you have a moderator listed as .270) or explicitly ('the .270 rifle and moderator shall be used for ...').

    If you do not have any such authority , it might be that the certificate needs amending so that you may lawfully use a moderator on your .270. I suppose they could resonably do this by simply changing the designation of your currently so-called 6.5x55 mod to a .270 mod.

    That wasn't really what you were asking though, but my answer to that question would probably be far too contentious.
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    I have a seperate letter giving me authority to use the mod on a 270. I did raise the issue wih them at the time but would not budge on it. My first mod was no calibre specific so goodness knows why they now do this.


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    Good old Lancs have made my mods calibre specific too. That is .243 mod and 6.5x55 mod, rather than the more sensible 'centre fire moderator'. As Dalua says the 243 rifle and 243 mod are mentioned together in the additional conditions on my cert.

    If you sell to someone with a more sensible 'centre fire moderator' description on their cert I think you'd be ok. But its probably best to check as we all know firearms legislation (and guidance) is a mess and the last thing you need is to get on the wrong side of the law, for something silly.


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    I had a similar problem in Strathclyde, they could not accept that 0.22" was a calibre and insisted that I had a 0.223" moderator. I tried to explain the difference, but without any luck. Good job that the people that enforce the law have such a firm grasp of it! I have no intention of selling it though, so your problem will not affect me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briarquest View Post
    I have a seperate letter giving me authority to use the mod on a 270. I did raise the issue wih them at the time but would not budge on it. My first mod was no calibre specific so goodness knows why they now do this.

    Do you have authourity on your FAC to possess and use a moderator on your .270?

    In my view, having specific authority on the FAC to accessorise a particular rifle with a moderator might be important for keeping the right side of the law; particularly if such authority is not implicit from the specified 'calibre' of the moderator.
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    yes I do. Dont worry I am all legal I just want to know how I can sell my 6.5x55 A-Tec Moderator to anyone who has the authority and the rifle to fit. Only thing I can think is an RFD transferr.


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    This is where support of a good RFD has payback. A 6.5 x 55 mod comes off your ticket and he books in a Moderator onto his stock. It then goes off his stock as a .270 and, as there are no serial numbers etc.

    No charge from RFD, as that's why he has loyal business, in ths case Forest Lodge in Wragby


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