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Thread: Why is it??

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    Why is it??

    Just been out for the afternoon and evening, trying for a Roe buck that I know is around (from Bushcam). Instead, I must have seen nearly the county's supply of Fallow, male and female, right across the age range. I could have taken 20+ shots, with at least 14 different animals (reckon I recognised some returning at different times).

    Why are they never around when I could shoot them .... or has someone told them the season dates?

    Joking/frustration aside, it was a wonderful day.

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    I know what you mean, 15 red hinds and 30+ fallow,glad I was fishing.

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    They know! Just like a crow will fly off when you are 500yds away if you have a rifle, but sit on a post and watch you if you do not!

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    It's the vibes

    They pick up on your wanting to harm them.. Think nice "Disney" type thoughts....................................

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    Many years ago I drew a once in a lifetime permit to hunt Elk in the Via Vidal Wilderness. This area had just been opened to the public for the first time 2 years previous and the success rate for elk was at 99%. I drew a cow tag which meant that I was going to be waist deep in meat, no question. The weather turned unseasonably warm: 73 degrees at 10000 ft, on the 31st of October! The elk left the open areas and congregated in the deep blow down timber. I hunted my legs off and never got within clean rifle shot of a cow. I did however, sit with my back against a tree playing my 30-40's sights over a massive, trophy 6x7 bull cooling himself in a run off pond just 60 yards away. The next day I had a young 3x4 walk up to me as if he just wanted a closer look at this strange creature he'd encountered. Forty yards apart, staring at each other.

    Never got within rifle shot of a cow in the 5 days I was there. The weather turned cold on the day we left (had to work) and we had to stop to let the cow elk cross the road leading out of the wilderness. It was a memorable hunt for other reasons, but your "Why is it?" question instantly brought it to the frontal lobe!~Muir

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