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Thread: Starting them young

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    Starting them young

    Took my 5 year old son out for a stalk with me tonite on a small peice of ground, only about 40 acres but there's always deer.
    First few fields wernt to fruitfull untill we climbed over a gate into the next field and stood about 100yds was a buck picking some new shoots out of the hedge, suddenly felt my trouser leg being tuged, looked down to my right and saw the boy pointing at the buck.
    So i ready the sticks and the banger put the cross hairs on for a heart and lung and squeeze Whop, the buck took off, ran about 50 yds then collapsed in a heap. Job done the boys first stalk saw him a buck shot, cleaned out and hung in the garage.

    Think the smile speaks for itself Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    Indeed, a very luck young man. I think you might have a new stalker partner there Luke.



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    Brilliant. A chuffed little man

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    Fantastic Luke, he's a happy looking stalker there!!!

    Keep up the good work and that's another fine memory for you both



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    Fantastic. I can't wait for that day but my boy is only 4 an half months so a while to wait yet.
    A day you and hopefully he will never forget.

    Cheers. Matt.

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    brilliant had my 9 year old out a couple of time he loves it not managed a buck yet but watched a few does

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    Fantastic, lovely to see.



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    My lad now walks in front of me occasionally with a little .177 Air arms S200 and a set of sticks. He takes any small game and steps to the left if he sees a deer at which point I take over! He got 4 rabbits night before last and I got a couple of Munties. Great father and son stuff!

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    My lad was great at that age too, then he discovered football etc. Still helps from time to time in the garage though. Out with him tonight to bash some bunnies and he couldn't hit a barn door from 6 feet, not a happy camper ! I was in fits............

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