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Thread: what optic on new rifle?

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    what optic on new rifle?


    i was looking for advise on a new scope for my .243. I predominatly use the rifle for roe in forestry land and some open fields. i am not too sure what to get but i reckon uo to 500 is the limit i have.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You won't go wrong with any of the top brands and that's about entry money for a new one. But used will get you a much better scope


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    Im clue less with the size of them, 3-15x50 etc. what do you recommend?

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    Swarovski 6x42 or 8x56 fixed

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    Personally, I would go for an 6*42, 7*50(meopta do a verygood one) , 8*56 if you are just going to use the rifle primarily for stalking.Variable just end up getting stuck on the same magnification, somewhere between6-8 usually.


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    schmidt and bender 6 x 42 theres one on guntrader for 250 quid used! great glass and bombproof!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro_guitar View Post
    Im clue less with the size of them, 3-15x50 etc. what do you recommend?
    Will you be shooting off hand?? Higher mags are harder to handle off hand.JMHO~Muir

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    Ive just got a leupold 3-9x50 vxr firedot. Uttings are doing them for about 500 and offering 0% apr. 1st impresions are very good. I must admit that I am a leupold fan, but as mentioned earlier a Meopta 7x50 would also be a damn good scope for your rifle


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    +1 for meopta 7x50.been using one for over 4 years now with great
    result's from deer stalking to lamping .optic's just as good as my
    schmidt /bender 8x56 if not better (IMHO).
    hope this help's,

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    As with most things in life the really common and often used things are usually common and often used for a reason so my vote goes for the 6X42 or the 8X56. I have an 8X56 S&B which I bought second hand for about 250 and which I could probably sell for the same money and it is the only scope I use. I shoot sika in forestry, or occasionally on fields or reds on the hill, and the sika only emerge at last light so very similar circumstances to yourself. I've also shot deer from 20 yards to 230 with it and not suffered from any disadvantage from the magnification.

    I tested the S&B against the 8X56 Swaro and found the light gathering of them to be equal, there was a group of us and we all agreed on this, and the S&B is usually a lot less expensive second hand or new so purely for reasons of cost I would recommend the S&B unless you especially want a Swaro. Should you find a second hand Nickel in your price range then buy it as I've found them better than either Swaro or S&B however the price is frightening and there aren't many about.
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