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Thread: first trip on the bucks...

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    first trip on the bucks...

    Well due to weather work and wife ive not managed a trip on the bucks untill yesterday evening, me and my old shooting partner set off for swindon at 5.15pm and arrived about 6.45pm, we were restricted to one side of the farm as the race horses were being walked around the other and we were greeted by 300 acres of rape with a few rapidly growing woods.
    We set off our seperrate ways and it looked like it would be hard work as it was hot and nothing but yellow, anyhow i entered a strip of trees about 300 yards long 20 yards wide and walked along a run up the middle, after a few minutes i spotted movement and as luck would have it it turned out to be a buck but i was behind a bush and he was looking at me, he turned ran up the run the stopped looking over his shoulder i managed to get from behind the bush and with a clear shot at 50 yards shot the buck in the neck and he went down on the spot.
    I waited for a while and seen a doe move away into the rape then i moved in to see a nice 7 point buck lying where it had stood, i text my mate to say id had success and as he didnt reply i knew he was busy and heard a shot a few minutes later then a call confirmed we were ready for home with one each in the bag...

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    Well done lads nice looking buck


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    Great looking buck and a real good start to your season see you soon.

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