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    Firday I decided to get out after work for the evening.

    Landy was in the garage so a bit of reorganisation, into the reserve vehicle, and headed off.

    I arrived at my ground at the gate, there stands, 50 yards away under the canopy pretending to be invisible a yearling roe buck!

    Great home in 20 minutes - Thinks I.

    I jump out the car.

    He is still standing.

    I get out the rifle.

    He is still standing browsing slowly

    I loaded and inserted the mag. He is still there, broadside on clear line of sight great backstop.

    I reached into my pocket for the bolt..........


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    Haha, been there!! You'll not do it again!

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    gutted its easy done and you wont be the last,atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herne View Post
    Great home in 20 minutes - Thinks I.
    ...and I guess you were

    We've all done it, I discovered that I had forgotten my bolt after driving 30 miles for a nights lamping.

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    Last night. Been baiting a fox in for over a week now.
    Turn up at field and get rifle out. Set up nv on the scope, focus it in, attach the laser infrared. See fox about 300yds away moving to baited area, slowly pull bolt back to quietly put one up the spout.........what fecking bolt!
    I'd changed a scope on the rimmy to a 56mm and had to take the bolts out of all my guns to get them in the cabinet and forgot the put the bolt back in. Doh.
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    And a very good reason to keep bolt in rifle.

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    I won't do it again, first time ever in hundreds of outings.

    I immdeiately jumped in the car vroomed home which is a mile away, grabbed bolt, my wife said my face was a picture a mixture of gathering thunderstoem, agonised deapir and focussed intent!

    Back along, exactly the same sceanrio except buck had moved 100 yards south into a flat area for a half a mile behind, I watched him for 20 minutes and then went home (again). My heart wasn't in it.

    I was able to laugh about it yesterday.

    Thanks for sharing the pain and embarrassment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    And a very good reason to keep bolt in rifle.
    +1 on that, mate got all the way to scotland and realized he had left his bolt at home ,then got all the way home and realized he left his f/a ticket in scotland

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    New cabinet on order now Tony so the guns can go away with bolts in place


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    Already sorted
    One cabinet for the shotys and one for the rifles
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