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Thread: ATEC over the barrell

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    ATEC over the barrell

    Anyone using the above? I've seen and spoken to guys using the version that screws on to the end of the barrell. Is the O/B just as good?


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    I take it are talking about the Maxim. I use a CMM4 a friend of mine uses the maxim.

    I am planning on changing at some point in the near future.

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    If you have varmint barrels the Maxim may not fit, mine wont go on my Rem 700 VSSF.

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    Yes the Maxim is a great can, damps recoil slightly better than the CMM 4, wouldnt say it is quieter than the CMM 4, slightly flatter tone more of a thump than a sharp crack.

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    i have one on my sako and i LOVE it. really think its an excellent bit of kit!

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    I use one on my Sako .243, having sold on my P8, which was a beast and unsettled the balance of the rifle. POI shifted by about 6 inches, but rezeroing was easy. The Maxim is very well made, light, looks good, is very easy to disassemble and suppresses sound very well. I mainly stalk in woodland at the moment, so any bang sounds loud, but at Bisley the Maxim kept things nice and quiet. Best of all, and according to ATEC themselves, NO maintenance is necessary! Shop around and you can pick one up for 235. I would recommend this mod.

    Many thanks,


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    I have one on my .308 and one arriving very shortly on a Sako heavy-barrelled varmint. I prefer the fact that you have the over-the-barrel design, better engineered solution as the mod is better supported along the barrel rather than muzzle can. Aluminium housing but stainless baffles and it is modular so if you do burn out a baffle you only have to order a replacement baffle, not an entire moderator. Cannot fault mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danimal View Post
    i have one on my sako and i LOVE it. really think its an excellent bit of kit!
    +1 Same as him

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    Can someone help me with a website link to the manufacturer so can see the info on the ATEC Maxim.

    Thanks in advance

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    Had a Maxim in my hands yesterday, quite a heavy lump compared to cmm4.
    Over barrel designs will always be heavier for the same inner volume.
    A-tec is good quality.

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