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Thread: Reloading for 270 Win

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    Reloading for 270 Win


    Hoping to pick up a 270 sako 75 with new mcmillan stock next week if sussex pull their fingers from their ar$e*.... The barrel has been chopped to 20" by the previous owner. I plan to shoot fallow and roe and foxes with it. Been advised to use 130 grain nosler bts but out of interest what other bullet weights are you using ??

    ATB Steve

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    Congratlations a fine rifle in a great all round calibre.

    The classic.270 load is the 130 grain bullet doing on or around 3000fps.

    I prefer a heavier bullet going a bit slower and favour BT in 140 or 150 grain doing 2850 and 2750 ish.

    You may find that meat damage to roe is a little more than you might have experienced with lighter calibres, due to the fast expanding BT and big energy delivery of the .270.

    However, very few deer go very far after being hit in the right place by a .270. If you are foxing at longer ranges you can also get BT's in 100 grain and perhaps even lighter.

    Enjoy the new rifle.


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    I used one of my home loads for the first time a few weeks back, and that was a nosler 130gn bt (yellow tip) from my .270.

    the unlucky recipient was a roe buck, with a heart/lung shot.

    Considering the round hit the other shoulder on the way out, i don't think carcass damage was that bad*, and it certainly hasn't put me off using them at all.

    *Not compared to some other BT's and even soft points i've used.

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    I have been hoarding 270 rounds and now have 90HP, 100HP, 110HP, 130SP, 130BTBT, 130SST, 140BTBT, 150Partition.

    130 SP Interlock style or partition will do everything you need of it and I have shot roe (and crow!) up to the biggest red stags (21 stone dressed).

    bullet quality and placement (or lack thereof) are responsible for carcase damage in the whole

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    Try a 140gr Hornady Interlock with a moderate charge of N160 maybe 51-52grs. Very effective and pleasant to shoot.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Try a 140gr Hornady Interlock with a moderate charge of N160 maybe 51-52grs. Very effective and pleasant to shoot.

    +1 pretty much my recipe.

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    I use 51.75 N160 with 140gr
    I use 54.5gr N160 with 130gr

    gives roughly 2800fps

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    try 56grn h4350 and 110gr hornady v-max works great in sako 75 and browning x-bolt

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    Can I also suggest that you consider Sierra .270 bullet Ref: 1820, this is a soft nose, boat tailled bullet (SBT) loaded with 44 grains of 4064 IMR powder. The COAL (cartridge overall actual length) of 3:300 velocity of around 2,750.

    I have tried this combination with good effect both on Roe & Sika

    I wish you luck

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