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Thread: new job

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    Smile new job

    Hi All,

    Those of you that know me will probably know that in June last year I was told I would be made redundant effective June 2012 (along with a great number of my friends and collegues). As you can imagine this was a bit of a blow as I have a fantastic job that is 7 mins walk from my front door, great salary and 45 hrs a week. Since I was told I have been through a shed load of different emotions.
    My wife and I have 2 young children and It's a sickening feeling when you start to look at the jobs that are out there and realise that you might be spending 3 hours a day in the car just travelling to and from work and earning less for the privilage.
    out of the blue, I recieved an email from a company wanting to talk to me regarding my going to work for them. We met early last week and following a 2 hour interview and some physchometric tests they offered me the job then and there.
    I will have to start driving to work but it's only 1/2 hour away and the money is comparable with what I'm on now.
    The job means some changes to my lifestyle (getting up at 5 to walk the dog is going to be a shocker in the winter) I have had to tell the lads in the Pheasant syndicate that i'm dropping out because i will be working a lot of Saturdays and it's just not fair on the Wife if i'm out feeding birds every night after work.
    I promised myself a stalking trip as a reward when I got a new Job and I have wangled 2 weeks off in between finishing one job and starting the next but I can't decide what to do (any ideas for a day or a couple of days away?)


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    Great news about the job, sure you will think of something to fill two weels!

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    Good news hope it works out for you


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    Hi Stu
    Nice one mate chuffed for you, you know you're welcome for a stalk anytime with me


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    That's great news good luck with the new job


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    sometimes every cloud has a silver lining ,congrats

    regards norma

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    hope the change works out smoothly and congratulations because this is not the easiest time to get a job. Well done!

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    Take the family away for a break!

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    dont know you mate, but great news ,it saddens me that hardworking people with families face job loss and good luck in the new job.derek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conor1 View Post

    Take the family away for a break!
    We are all of to Centre Parcs in the morning as it happens. I booked it before I got the job as I wanted to make sure the kids had a holiday in case I was out of work.
    Cheers for the comments lads, it means a lot.
    Wayne, Your a Diamond, i'll drop you a PM when I get back from CP.


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