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Thread: Another mod question

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    Another mod question

    I have empty slots for a 223 mod and 308 mod as stated on fac would it be legal to purchase a 30 cal one and use it on both rifles instead of buying one for each in strathclyde if that makes a difference

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    Yes, should not be a problem however it should be proofed for its use on each cal I think. But in reality if it's proofed for the larger cal it will be safe.

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    In theory it should be ok but Big boab on here will tell you that at times Strathclyde can funny at times ,(slightly different circumstances) he bought a 2nd hand mod for his 243 but the mod was marked up 6mm (it had come of a BR) he had to get a variation to amend the wording on his ticket.

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    hw100sniper that's what i was thinking it seems you can buy it as any cal as its not marked but the problems start when you want to use it on the other gun going to phone pitt street on monday see what they say

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    Youd be as well mate just to make sure save any hassle later on.

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    Howd you get on with this Davie ? I've got a similar problem now ,I purchased a 222 but missed out on the mod I was after but the threading on the 2 rifles is the same so was going to use ma 243 1 on the treble till another 2nd hand mod came up.Cheers Billy.

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    Licensing units will normally want to put a specific calibre against a moderator. That is fine if the moderator is specified as a 308 etc. For several years I shared a moderator between a .243 and a .223. The moderator was specified as .243 but I asked that a 'freehand' i.e. non standard condition was entered to the effect that 'The .243 sound moderator may also be used with the .223 rifle.' This has been done for several certificate holders locally and seems to do the trick.
    I am not aware of a reason in law or guidance why a single moderator should not be used on several rifles (subject to the practicalities of thread / delrin bush compatability and fit etc.).
    Make the request and hopefully it will be granted as it makes sense, saves money and works. Good luck.

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    I use a Wildcat Predator 8 for "upto" 308 cal on my 257 and 22-250.
    Moderators are not calibre specific but are usually rated as upto or maximum reccomended calibre, the probelm arises when moderators have been proved togehter with a rifle and then get stamped with the same calibre as that rifle.
    Technically you could be infringing the conditions of your FAC if you are using a mod marked with 308 proof marks on a 243 rifle, you would of course have to be caught in the act.
    If mods are to be prooved (another area of totally unclear firearms legislation) then they should be stamped with a proof mark but no calibre designation.


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    HI Billy i am none the wiser phoned them and they were going to phone back with an answer but they didn't tried a cuople of times still no answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    Yes, should not be a problem however it should be proofed for its use on each cal I think..
    Nope not even an issue

    Does not even need to be proofed
    A .30 cal is certainly big enough for a .223 but not really suitable
    Not for safety issues but more practicality and effectiveness

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