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Thread: First fallow

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    First fallow

    A couple of weeks ago I was asking advice about how to deal with the keeper of a potential new ground - well I got it (FOC) and was out yesterday for the first time to carry out my new management responsibilities !

    The deer are causing problems to local farmers and a game shoot. Had a walk around with my 25-06 and went into one of the woods which looked likely - old conifers with rhododendrons right through.

    After about 20 minutes I spotted about 7 fallow on the edge of the wood, 90 yards, safe backstop so up onto the sticks and kneck shot my first fallow. What a suprise - the rest looked at the victim and trotted away to about 60 yards and turned and watched as I approached. As I checked the fallow on the ground another 4 were watching me from further down the wood, I then heard a bark from in the wood and about 20 fallow trotted down a ride - I was surrounded - what a feeling, I almost looked for another to shoot but gladly decided not to. On the way back to the car a roe buck stood 30 yards away just watching me.

    Gralloched the beast and after much struggling dropped the carcase into my roe sack and then almost did serious damage trying to pick it up - weighed 68 lbs gralloched!! am I glad I didn't take another one. Its now in my chiller for 10 days when it will then resemble a pile of steaks and sausages.


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    new patch

    hi Tony,what a great start for your new patch of land,well done

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    Nice one Tony.
    Sounds like you have a few to pick from

    Any pics


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    well done good to know there is still places to find new ground it is difficult to find.I have tried for years to get in on some muntie/fallow ground with no luck.

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    You`re a lucky bugger TonyC, No dobts there.
    Sounds like one of those places where you want to preserve your sport with a management system. The land owners and neighbours on the other hand, want them gone tomorrow.
    Enjoy your moment.

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    Well done Tony, good to hear you got the land FOC & the deer are so visible.....enjoy.


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    tony well done on the fallow also well done on the
    new ground

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