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Thread: my first trip out stalking

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    my first trip out stalking

    i went on my first ever stalking trip yesterday with ed whittaker at his est in Hereford, had a good time with a good bunch of lads very welcoming and friendly and a good laugh, with only a short drive from his house we arrived at some of his ground were he had seen roe bucks earlier in the week, after a short walk we got to are high seat and waited it wasn't long after 3 fallow came out the wood and walked a cross a gap in the trees nice to see, then another about came out about 140 yards away from the high seat a prickett fallow buck it stood side on for a good 3 minuets just to teasing me before slowly walking back into the wood land, the light was fading fast and a long with it my hopes of getting my first roe buck, i thought 10 more minuets please don't get dark yet but it was not to be, we saw plenty of deer but not the one with my name on, oh well there's always next time in there

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    Sounds like you enjoyed your first outing, shame you didn't get a nice buck, but as you said there's always next time. Good luck and all the best,Jim.

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    cheers Jim yes i had a good time none the less mate

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    like all fieldsports if at first you dont succeed .... keep trying could have been so so much worse that buck the one with yr name the one you dream about came out 75yrds away BOOM you MISSED now that hurts like ell .that first buck when you get him will last a lifetime or untill you get that memory loss thingy that i cant spell

    good hunting

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    ha ha yes your 100% right norma cheers mate

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