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Thread: Preserving antlers in velvet

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    Preserving antlers in velvet

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    Preserving velvet antler
    We managed to catch up with an injured Roe buck at the weekend with a broken antler and a possible broken neck. He's nothing special but he took some getting and the pup found him easily with no definate start point. My question is how dou you do the head to preserve the antler that's in velvet? It's only attached by velvet as the bone is broken. The blood supply was still active.

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    You should be able to peal if you want at this time of year but if you boil out the scull and then dip the antlers in meths and leave them in it for a FEW WEEKS THEN THAT WILL DO IT AND PLEASE DONT DRINK IT .

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    Will it preserve the velvet on the antler so it can stay attached to the scull?

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    you will need to carful frounf the pedicals when removing the skin but it should be ok and the meths will last for years if you put a lid on it.

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