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Thread: Anyone heard of or been here?

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    Anyone heard of or been here?

    Some mates from uni are planning on taking a trip to this place:

    They will mostly being going to fish and shoot, but I fancy a day on the hills as I have never shot reds before. Just wondering if any one had any experience of the place/area etc



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    Yup, stayed in Thraill House for a week. Bit of fishing for very wee trout in burn next to house, otherwise it was fishing in Loch Damph....there are stories of enormous trout in there, but you would probably need a boat/ghillie. There was a big article in Trout And Salmon mag a year or so back about fishing here, might be worth a search.
    Stags round the house most evenings. Quite severe ground for stalking. I see the estate offers stalking but we never bothered as I can shoot them at home for nothing!! I'd say the rough shooting would be more of an armed walk!
    House newly done and comfortable, had no oil when we arrived...tried to tell me it had been stolen....crap...they'd forgotten to order any!!
    Plenty hillwalking nearby....right opposite Liathach, Beinn Alligin etc
    Good grub drink etc in bar next to Torridon Hotel close by.

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    Thank you for the response Gerard. I shall be sure to have a look for the article. I thought the walked up shooting looked a little cheap, but wanted a second opinion. Although, looking at the surrondings an armed walk doesn't sound to bad!

    (I wish I could shoot them at home for nothing!)

    Again, thanks for the response, great help.

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