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Thread: Website problems

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    Website problems

    Is there a problem with the Stalking Directory server - it seems really slow to access the site and sometimes pages just time-out for no reason? Clicking the link several times or hitting refresh and it seems to reload OK.

    Also, I keep getting logged out automatically and randomly (despite clicking the "log me in automatically" tab).

    Any thoughts mods?

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    Try it with out logging in, the site is much faster then, when I log in I have the same problem but if I don't log in it's ok,

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    Sit tight guys we have our IT man trying to figure out what is going on. I have had similar problems myself with the site. We are trying to resolve the issue.


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    Yep, had the same probs myself guys and have more than once threatened to throw the computer out the window as its so frustrating.

    Come on Malcom and Jayb get ya finger out before i have to replace the computer and the window haha.

    I know ya care really


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    Mine not showing VIEW POSTS SINCE LAST VISIT for some reason, could it be because im abroad??????


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    Nell, don't think so. On a regular basis I open the site and it shows all without the 'unread posts' signal. It can happen when you're not logged in, but it happens to me quite often although being logged in. Have advise Admin accordingly.

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    Site still dicky .
    It puts up `Internal Server Error ` sometimes but when ` refreshed ` comes up OK .

    HWH .

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    Don't know what you have done but the server seems to be working much better than the last few days.


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    We know and appreciate the problems with the site at the moment, we experience exactly the same difficulties. We are trying to get ourselves over on to a new host for the site but this will take a little time, so apart from our IT man doing his best to sort things out, I am afraid we are stuck with all the little gremlins for the moment.


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