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Thread: Oh! FOr the want of a camera!!

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    Oh! FOr the want of a camera!!

    A buddy and I were taking a load of trash out to the north valley dump site this afternoon. On the way out we passed close to a group of trees near the road and there were 8 mule deer bedded in the shade, watching us pass. The closest of them was no more than 15 ft off of the road. We took note. On the return trip, we were approaching the stand of trees when a cock pheasant ran across the road towards the deer and into the tall grass immediately at the edge of the road. We pulled over level with the deer and my buddy leaned out to the closest deer and said, "Hey there beautiful!" At that, the cock pheasant bolted out of the grass, onto the the still bedded deer's back and then smack into the ribs of the second deer that had a quickly stood up at the commotion. As near as we can tell the confused bird ran under the second deer and thread his way between the legs of the others which had stood up and were beginning to dance away from the road. It was funny as hell.~Muir

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    You live in a great part of the World under an enviable Jurisdiction. Have you ever visited UK?


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    I like Montana, indeed.
    Yes, I've been up into the Highlands to see JAYB couple of times. I'm trying to get back this fall when the weather and my schedule cools a bit.~Muir

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