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Thread: another happy client at malc's place.

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    another happy client at malc's place.

    I had a couple of stalks booked with Malc, this being the 3rd year I've been stalking with him.The weather in April was terrible and I was praying for a sunny dry day and Saturday was perfect!!
    I met Malc and Sandra at 5am sharp and off we went. Malc mentioned that the bucks where sitting tight and not going into the fields to feed so it might be hard going. He told me Geoshot bagged a nice Murder Buck the week before and that there was another he would like to take out. We glassed a couple of fields and moved on; we spotted the Murder Buck walking along behind some trees on the far side, we watched untill he disappeared behind a bank, then nothing. We moved on reaching the edge of another field where a different buck run out from the hedge, we watched him bolt to the other side of the field. Malc spotted yet another buck, I replied, "and another!"..... "and another!!" both with 2 does in tow. We made our way to the bottom of the field, but the had all dissappeared. We started to stalk the hedgerow when all of a sudden a buck comes out from the hedge in front of us, he started to walk up hill not even knowing we were there. Malc said "get the sticks up!!" I had my rifle on the sticks ready but could not get a clear shot, the buck walks on but goes back into the hedge... ****!! He's gone for sure and he was agood'en! Malc whispered again, "get the sticks ready, he might come out!" No more than 40 seconds pass, and the buck re-appears......same again, he starts to walk up hill, still unaware of our presence. We start to close the distance, sticks up ready, but the buck would not turn for a clear shot. He stopped and turned slightly, I had the cross hairs on him then..... BANG... the buck ran into the hedge. Todd took about 5 seconds to find the buck, which had fallen only 6 foot from the track. On inspecting the buck I realised he was bigger than I thought, my biggest buck to date. Malc spotted the bullet hole, "Hey Chris, you've shot it up the arse!!" Well, I was gob smacked! When we gutted the deer you could see the bullet entered the top of its back leg, went right through, hit one rib then the bullet must have fragmented and exited the other side. I felt bad but the deer was dead. I'm normally pretty calm, but on this occassion I was puffin heavy (up hill) trying to keep the buck in my sights. I thought the shot was on but it just shows if you're not steady, what can happen.

    We geared up and stalked for 20 mins, we got to the edge of a field, stopped then Todd, Malcs bmh started to pull on his lead sniffing.
    Malc looked at me and said there was a deer in there for sure! We stopped at the junction, Malc whispered "get the sticks up and rifle ready" We waited. Suddenly a buck walks out from the wood, walks into the centre of the track and stops. I flicked off the safety and BANG the buck dropped. I could not believe it, that dog is amazing! Without a dog you would just amble on past. Just proves how great these dogs are at finding deer!! Trust me, Malc and his dog are a team and get you on the deer. On 4 stalks I've taken four bucks!! I would just like to thank Malc and Sandra for my best days stalking to date. Looking forward to the next time.

    Regards, Chris.

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    I have a short vid of todd on utube i will up load tom.

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    Nice one Chris, and that buck looks even better now the head is boiled out and finished. He was an old boy gone back and would have been a better buck a year or two back, but still a nice even head and a good memory for you.

    Look forward to seeing you again in the near future, maybe on some Fallow later in the winter, or a Sika in Dorset.


    Malc, Sandra and Todd.

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    a short vid i took of todd, malcolms bmh

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    i think todd will make a wonderful daddy
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Thanks jewfish
    Nice write up, and yep, Todd is something else
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Thanks again Chris, you are better at technology than me

    Out again as from this evening to see if I can catch up with the other murder buck, little sod has eluded me twice now, but I have a feeling his days are numbered



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    well done a real nice trophy to have . another happy stalker malc.


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