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Thread: Sunday reccee

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    Sunday reccee

    The missus was settling down to watch tho voice results so i thought a trip down to the wood was in order to see whats on offer for nxt week.
    It was blowing a hooley so i didnt expect to see much, i settled into a seat overlooking a likely area and thought i would give it an hour before moving on,
    I didnt have to wait long for a couple of reds to show, then a young buck made an appearance.
    Something must have spooked him and he high tailed it straight towards me before turning into the woodland, i thought the buck would pass behind me but he had sussed me and in a blink he was gone.
    I saw no more bucks to get me excited for tommorow, but on the way out i bumped into a couple of does on my boundary.
    Put it this way i enjoyed the walk round much more than sitting in front of the telly watching tom jones and his crew . DF

    Here is a little clip, best veiwed in 720p hd and full screen

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    Nice footage, I enjoyed watching that


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    Cracking footage.

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    Great footage, really enjoyed that drinking my morning coffee.
    Can't wait to see more.

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    Thanks but it took that long for the you tube download lastnight was well late for bed,i had decided to go out in the morning but just as my head hit the pillow the alarm went off and i just couldnt draw myself out of my pit DF

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    Very good, can see that ultra mag paying for its self in the near future.

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    Great footage again bud, keep em coming.

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    great footage DF

    Keep'em coming


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    great vid DF.. All the deer look in great fettle

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    Well done mate nice video

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