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Thread: Crap remmington brass

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    Crap remmington brass

    Bit annoyed with the quality of new remington brass at 57 for 50 i expected a bit better .
    I would expect to run the expander ball down the neck to square them up but 90% have dents to the shoulder and body.
    I dont usually bother but i ran the dial gauge on the neck some had up to 15 thou run out dont know if this is normal on new brass as im usually on once fired stuff.
    I put the whole lot back through the f/l sizer and got them down to a few thou, but still not happy about the overall quality of their product. DF

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    Bloody hell that's expensive have brass cases really done up that much?

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    Fraid so just looked on midway federal 69 for 50 but not on stock, or nosler at 81 for 50 not in stock
    Plenty of remington at 125.74 for 100. DF

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    Brit is right, that is Lapua territory price wise.
    For Remington you should be paying no more then half what lapua brass would cost.
    It seems that you may have been ripped off because there are much cheaper sources out there, either that or you have something special.
    As for quality, Remington has always been poor but if you are prepared for a 50% cull rate and willing to put the prep time in they are ok, i use them for my 257 Improved.


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    With bulk brass you will see dents. Winchester used to include s note saying such and stating that all brass should be run through a FL sizer for uniformity and to remove case-mouth dents.~Muir

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    I now refuse to use Rem brass due to poor quality cases.

    Have had them split after only 2 loadings - absolute junk!

    Better off buying European made goods - Lapua, RWS, Norma, S&B, etc. as most USA goods are beyond the average pocket due to ITAR issues and certain UK dealers margins (MidywayUK speifically)

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    Im afraid that Icould only find remington readily available for .300 rum so thats what im stuck with and just over 50 per 50 is the best i could find unless someone knows a better source ? DF

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    The price may work out pretty much the same but at least you have a choice:
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    Tim Hannam has an RRP of 124

    I can get them for less than /ea, in batches of 100

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    It is expensive but 300 RUM cases are like anti aircraft shells!

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