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Thread: That was quick!

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    Thumbs up That was quick!

    I have just received my first FAC in the post today for my .243, been less than 4 weeks from when i first applied to it getting here! I am allowed to shoot all lawful quarry with the only restrictions being i need the owners permission to shoot and the land has to be deemed suitable.

    very happy indeed!!

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    well done.
    now off to the local firearms dealer and treat yourself mate.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Congrats, I must say my experience with Suffolk firearms has always had a quick turnaround as well.

    Shopping time!

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    you'll need to change your username though..perhaps shotgun&firearmTom?..LOL

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    Well done Tom, look forwards to seeing your rifle be it a Howa or Remington , Don't tell T Bob he's been waiting about 3mths.

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    cheers! im sure i will be up soon to give it a spin. i ended up on the howa so i could spend more on the scope.

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    Well done Tom
    Perhaps you will come and take one of my 18 point reds this year with your OWN rifle.
    All you need now is 6/7 more rifles fill your Cabernet!
    Cheers Andrew

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