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Thread: Puma Knife

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    Puma Knife

    Thanks to another query, I looked out an old (or perhaps vintage!) Puma knife that I have. It's not in the greatest condition but is a good quality tool.Anybody got any suggestions as to someone who could tart it up for me?
    This is the model - copied from an ebay site abroad.
    Somebody on here will know I'm sure.

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    Tart it up how?
    I have some pink leather that'd make a nice sheath for it

    I'd personally leave it as is or any collector value will be ruined.

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    Mmmmmm. Thanks! The blade could do with a "clean" for want of a better word and the inlet piece for initials has a crummy scraped letter on it - looks like it was done with a pin!!
    Good knife though.

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