I will put some photographs up in the near future of my .308 Mauser M03, just in case anyone is interested.

It is like new and has shot under 150 rounds to my knowledge. It has the 20" light sporter barrel on it, and has the mauser thread and protective end cap. I had a Lawrence Precision Moderator made for it, so that will never wear out!

The rifle is; 1,350 (the best price you will see is 1650 for the basic rifle)
The Mod is; 350 (it cost me over 500 with all the re-threading Mr Lawrence told me he had to do to the rifle)

Depending upon what I buy, I might need the Mauser sight mount, these are well over 300 new. If I sell it I will expect 300 for it, it is new as the old one was replaced under warranty.

I had a mount put on for a bi-pod (the bi-pod is not for sale) too, as well as the normal end swivel fitted.

There are no dings, scratches or rub marks on the stock or barrel, it is in very, very good condition. If people make me haggle they will not get the sling and slip and extra magazine.

Regards, Simon