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Thread: What round?

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    What round?

    I am picking up a howa 1500 .243 at the weekend, was just wondering what round you would recommend for roe and muntjac? i was think 85gr BT.

    any thoughts.


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    Hi Tom , mine likes 85gr sierra Gameking homeloads

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    100 grain for roe depending which part the country ya in

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    100 grain soft points,why would you want to use Ballistic tips,unless you are going for head/neck shots only?


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    Why can't you use BT for Heart/Lung shots ?


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    ive tryed allsorts in my 243 over the years but ive found my self always coming back to 100 grain softpoints.

    they do drop off alittle, but if your using your rifle mainly for deer thats not a issue as most deer are shot within 150 yards so thats not a issue



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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungGun View Post
    Why can't you use BT for Heart/Lung shots ?

    You can and they are very effective and they certainly get the job done fast , i have found roe usually drop on the spot with v max,
    Also found that this comes at a price ie fair bit of meat damage and bruising around the ribs. DF

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    The last muntjac I shot was a doe, with a 120gn Norma BT from my 6.5x55. The exit wound was almost as big as my fist. The only other muntjac shot with this ammunition was a buck, and the damage was not as bad. I have now decided to go back to soft points though. Most of my deer are heart/lung shot, and BT's have been a bit harsh in some cases.

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    Hello shotguntom,

    I have a .243, and I home load my rounds for it, I use a sierra .243 round (of course) # 1560, this is a 100 grain soft point boat tail round (SBT) loaded with 36 grains of 4064 IMR powder, CAOL (cartridge actual overall length) is 2.710 maximum. this produces a muzzle velocity of about 2,850, a good all rounder in my view. This round is big enough to use on most deer species in UK, and is of course legal in Scotland, should you wish to stalk there, enjoy it. I do however recall contacting Sierra bulletsmiths in the States requesting their reccomendations for bullet size/type for shooting Red Deer in Scotland, and they suggested an 85 g bullet (SPT), they clearily did not know the minimum bullet weight for the use of deer stalking in Scotland, which is of course a 100grain bullet

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    I have used all sorts on the continual search for the perfect round. I would not advocate using BTs on Deer unless they were the specific "Hunting" type ballistic tip. Even then I would use them with caution. I have seen too many problems arise with their use. They can explode on contact,on the outside of your target. They can make a great deal of meat damage. You could possibly have parts of your bullet spread over a greater area within the meat - - not good to eat. Bullets can either explode or be diverted by hitting the smallest piece of grass, brush or reed.A fairly close neck shot with a BT (which I'm not advocating either before the fur flies !) is certainly is very effective on Roe but generally speaking I would use SPs.
    A well placed SP of any legal weight and calibre usually results in a problem free kill without too much meat damage.

    Thanks for this Thread by the way - - It comes up regular as clockwork and always brings out all the opinions.

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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