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Thread: Load development

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    Load development

    Have read on here numerous times shooters testing their ammo as Bisley,your are either taking a risk or didn't realise that expanding ammo is not allowed on mod ranges,thought I would put you in the picture if you didn't know,atb swarovski

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    Hi swarovski,

    I think you might be slightly mistaken so, here goes.

    Expanding ammunition is not permitted in NRA competitions or, on any of the NRA's Electronic targets.
    The only exception I believe is the use of on our range that is, The British Sporting Rifle Club.

    The Running deer, running boar and the statics are administered by the BSRC committee which have negotiated their own procedures, conditions and stringent safety rules concerning both certain types of ammunition, this to include expanding ammunition and also certain calibres that are allowed i.e. the 22-250. That along with our own HME procedures pertinent to our range use only.

    We have however imposed our own rules governing permitted use on some of our targets and ranges within our complex. We are, I believe the only exception on Bisley ? If I am wrong I’m sure that I will be corrected by one of our more learned members more knowledgeable than myself.

    To that note, it’s a fantastic club, a great bunch of guys.......and girls I’m very pleased to say! Many enjoyable hours I spend there and in great company.

    Kindest regards,
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    I was just relaying what I was told just I case some have been using expanding ammo there,also I was told max muzzle velocity is 3280 fps regardless of caliber

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    Expanding ammunition on Bisley ranges

    Further to a reply I made to swarovski I looked at the Bisley range safety regulations and it does not mention expanding ammunition as being prohibited.

    2 Firearms and Ammunition

    a All shooters are responsible for ensuring that their firearms and ammunition are safe to
    use. All firearms and ammunition must be made available for inspection and testing
    whenever required. The regulations concerning dangerous ammunition are laid out in
    Appendix V of the NRA Handbook, Rules of Shooting (the Bisley Bible), which is available
    on request.

    b Unless the CE has given prior permission in writing, use of the following on Bisley ranges is
    i Tracer; incendiary; armour piercing; armour piercing incendiary (API); depleted
    uranium; ammunition containing any igniferous or explosive substance.
    ii Projectiles of any construction other than lead core with gilding metal or soft iron
    jacket, including specifically mono-metallic bullets (ie made from a single metal) except
    solid lead bullets.

    c The use on any NRA range of cartridges such as .50” Browning MG, 0.55” Boyes Anti-tank,
    12.7mm Russian MG, or cartridges of similar or greater power, whether ‘downloaded’ or
    not, is absolutely forbidden, regardless of the type of firearm used to fire them.

    Reproduced from Bisley Range Safety Regulations

    Expanding Ammunition

    Expanding (hollow-point) ammunition is defined as a round which is specifically designed to expand in a controlled manner on contact with the target. While a non hollow-point round expands on contact, it is not specifically designed to do so in a controlled manner. Expanding ammunition is normally only authorised for hunting or vermin shooting. This covers both small-bore (.22) and full-bore calibres. Expanding (hollow-point) rounds are not allowed for target competition shooting, but you may use expanding ammunition at targets for zeroing and adjustments, subject to NRA specific approval. Some police forces require that you list separately the target (solid point) and hollow-point ammunition of the same calibre, while other forces are happy to list “target and/or hollow-point” up to the maximum allowable for that calibre. Note that the .22 target ammunition that has a very small hole in the nose as part of the manufacturing process is NOT counted as “hollow-point”.

    Reproduced from The NRA website

    Hope this helps clear it up a little.


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    you know your stuff mate and where to find it out,fairplay too you........ i stand corrected on info i was given .it would be nice to be able to test some expanding stuff at longrange.
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    Swaro, the issue is almost always with what your FAC says. Use of expanding (section 5) ammunition is exclusively for hunting, or zeroing/practice for hunting (at least according to all FAC's I've seen conditioned for it) and so you would need to be able to make a reasonable case that your use on the range is compatible with this. It certainly rules out using it for competition, and unless you are likely to engage live targets at long ranges(unusual in the UK) you might have a little difficulty explaining it's use for this too.

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    Yeah yoom right matt,Ive authority to use expanding,it's just down to ok it before going ahead.I do test some expanding stuff out to 400yds on paper,I did last Sunday,wind was a little swirly in the valley but my 25-06 t3v with 85gr nos bal tips shot just a shade over 2 inch group,wasn't unhappy with that,av shot better but in better conditions.
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    I believe the actual wording for use of expanding ammunition in the Act is, "in
    connection with the various exempted purposes", as detailed in the condition on your FAC.

    Be creative and make it work for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickey308 View Post

    ii Projectiles of any construction other than lead core with gilding metal or soft iron
    jacket, including specifically mono-metallic bullets (ie made from a single metal) except
    solid lead bullets.
    So to be clear a Barnes TSX would be prohibited then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannabecanuck View Post
    So to be clear a Barnes TSX would be prohibited then?
    Yes on ranges under the control of the M.O.D. (ministry of defence).
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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