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    blade metal

    have been thinking about making myself a knife. was thinking of buying a blade and making the handle but a friend the other day said that old files were made from very good steel and with work make good blades. my brother suggested using old chisels as files can be brittle and snap but the older chisels are softer but keep a really good edge. i know i can buy knife blades but fancy making one from scratch or as near scratch as i can.

    any thoughts please

    regards pj

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    Old files make good blades, I actually have a small collection of Anza knives.
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    just buy some 01 tool steel from cromwells it will save you time is grinding and filing. you will get the correct thickness then as well ,but if you want the extra work it does make a good knife,atb wayne
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    +1 on the 01 carbon steel. I got mine of eveilbay and is planned for a nice backwoods knife when I pull my finger out. If you do go the file route,to grind the knife bevel on the file or chisel you will destroy it's original heat treatment, but that should help as they are too brittle in the fully hardened state (IMHO) and chip/snap too easily (like SAKs). Have a play and see where you get. Have fun!

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    If you're set on making one from a file I suggest you anneal it first as it will be very hard and difficult to work in its current state. You will need to re-harden and temper it after you've finished working it, but that is easy to do with a decent torch, oil and a domestic oven.

    It's probably easier just to get some 01 tool steel, which will be soft and uniformly dimensioned when you buy it.


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    Speak to Steve at SWC handmade knifes he will put you on the rite path I worked my way thru the kits he does till I started from scratch


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    thank you for all your replies. lots of good advice thanks. will look more into it

    regards pj

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    made my first knife from an old sythe blade which was good fun now i just buy brusletto blanks !

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