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Thread: Schmidt and Bender Hungarian or Zeiss Duralyt?

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    Schmidt and Bender Hungarian or Zeiss Duralyt?


    I'm torn between getting a S&B fixed power hungarian 6x42 or the zeiss duralyt 3-12x50. Which one should I go for, they are the most I can afford (get into the overdraft for!). Any other suggestions?



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    Good quality secondhand scope!
    I'm a S&B nut - so i'd say go with the S&B the most popular being the 8x56 with no4 ret

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    A decent 6x42 is always a pretty sensible choice for general purpose stalking. IMHO

    And... Big vari-mags won't get you any closer to the deer.

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    Nowt wrong with either, and the S&B is a very good rugged scope. Slightly depends on the rifle and shooting - if t is a noce classic style stalking rifle and you are principally deer stalking I would go with the S&B, but if you are also shooting targets, foxes etc the 3-12x50 might be a bit more versitile. I am actully just changing from a Meopta 6x42 to a swarovski Habicht 4-12x50, mainly because I was made an offer on the latter that I couldn't refuse. Do I need to change - no, do I expect to use the zoom very much - probably not, and most likely will use it when developing loads and it will save me having to use a telescope or my legs to check the target. Most times it will sit at 6 power. The Meopta is going on the 22rf to replace a very nasty edgar brothers piece of junk that has been on there since I bought it.

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    There was someone on here offering a second hand 8X56 S&B for about 350, I think it was yesterday in a thread on the subject of scopes.

    The common scope sizes are common for a reason so 6X42 or 8X56 are that size because they work really well. On the other hand there might be some advantages with a variable such as when developing a load but there was a survey or poll done on here a long time back and most people with a variable never moved it from the one setting.

    Instead of getting into an overdraft take a serious look at buying second hand from a reputable source, MacLeods of Tain get a very good name though I've never personally bought a scope from them. The money saved could prevent the need for an overdraft, or could be used to pay for stalking.
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    I mostly use a hungarian S&B 6x42 and rate it very highly. it sits on my .243 which has been used extensively on roe, fox and hill reds. it's helped take fox at night, roe at last light (very last light!), and hill reds in challenging conditions at reasonably long ranges (175yds to 225yds). I can personally not think of any stalking conditions where I would have wound the mag up or down if the scope had the ability. I enjoy the reasonably small objective lens as it gives great line of sight in terms of cheek weld to the stock and the usage of low mounts.

    once my 30-06 is up and running for the hill this summer, there will be a hungarian S&B 10x42 sitting on it for the rest of its life.

    my father uses the zeiss you mention, and in the last 10 yrs or so, I don't think the mag has ever moved from 7x, whether fox or hill reds, etc.,,,but I do know he enjoy's the light gathering of the 56mm objective bell, but hates the added height issues, weight, and not fitting into his carry case with a harris bipod fitted....

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    JUST BOUGHT A S+B 8X56 always used higher mag stuff ie nxs +zeiss for longer range shooting but fancied a fixed mag and am over the moon with it
    was recommended i get one by the fella who is teach me stalking tried it last night last light fantastic glad i bought it ....dont think you can go wrong
    if you get one ........just my tuppence worth

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    Likewise, bought a secondhand S&B 8x56 to replace an old Tasco High Country 42mm vari. I say vari I don't even remenber what it was I used it that little, other than max mag when sighting in new rounds and stuck at 6 ish for the rest of it's life. Also very made up with the low light performance of the S&B! Great, even second hand (using the money saved to justify another shotgun!! just don't tell the missis!)

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    I have used both and really like them! good clear image and very good light gathering ability. In the end i bought a Zeiss, as that was what my gunsmith had in stock. In a way i was lucky as i couldn't decided between the 2!

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    Zeiss every time. The duralyt with the illuminated reticle is a fantastic peice of kit for the money and more versatile with the variable magnification.

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