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Thread: Alright folks

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    Alright folks

    Alright everyone.

    found this site by accident but looks like a good find. Do a bit of part time keepering and mainly vermin shooting in SW Scotland.
    got bit of a good problem problem thou, got a farm with escaped boar on it but can not get sight of them,only the damage their causing to the farmers fields. sure a few people very jealous but farmer giving me right earache. any advice.

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    Hi countrryboy,
    welcome to the site, i shoot boar in germany 2-3 times a year and see much the same, the farmers take you round in the day time and show the damage, the pigs are coming our during the night to feed on the maze ect, the only way we had any luck was to sit out in high seats under a full moon.

    good luck with your problem cookingfat

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