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Thread: Credit to Northern Optics

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    Credit to Northern Optics

    Have to say I've just had outstanding service from Graham at Northern Optics (01556 690562). I'd been after a set of high mounts for a CZ550 and 30mm scope tube so a little bit left field. I'd had a set on back order with Edgars who said none in the country etc etc. After 3 months of having my new (second hand) S&B 8x56 sitting on the side I came across a ref to Norther Optics in one of the CZ threads. A quick call to the otherwise great gunshop who were dealing with Edgars to see if I could cancel the order was not a problem, so I called Graham (who was out) but he phoned me back that evening. Next day he'd sourced some Leopold and Warne mounts (THursday) and on Saturady morning they arrived direct for Devon!! Brilliant.I'm in no way associated to Graham other than a very happy customer who's happy to sing his praises. Top bloke and I'm a happy bunny!

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    You can't beat good service :-d

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    Just had excellent advice and service from Graham too for high and low Ruger mounts for a 50mm scope. Smashing bloke.

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    Get r done!

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