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    Another long shot trying to source an ior 3x18x42 buy or swap a nxs 5.5x22x50 npr2
    must be 3x18x42 turret set back towards eyebell

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    8x56 and an ior !!! must be rakin it in !!!! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by springer View Post
    8x56 and an ior !!! must be rakin it in !!!! lol
    rakin it in .....hah i wish saved hard for that 8x56
    piracy dont pay as good as it used to

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    I can get you one at around 1250 EUR plus shipping (around 150 EUR)..brand new from IOR factory , GEN 4 Snipers Hide edition like this one here :
    But you must be aware of one important thing , IOR offer 1 year warranty for Europe , GEN 4 scopes have no problem at all no matter the caliber but..we are humans , in case you have problems you need to send the scope back to the factory or back to me to deal with the factory.

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    try border barrels..they can still get IOR to special order,takes about a month im told

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    can do you a good deal on a sightron
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